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B likes Inception.

2min ago  · 

Augusta likes Communicative.

2min ago  · 

Amely likes Mulled wine.

6min ago  · 

Alexa is at Kentucky Fried Chicken right now.

6min ago  · 

Else likes Apples.

17min ago  · 

Idamarie likes YouTube.

18min ago  · 

Beatrice likes Cheerleading.

22min ago  · 

Friederike is at Schloßstraße (Berlin-Steglitz) right now.

26min ago  · 

Sahra likes Pitaya.

29min ago  · 

Esther likes Cocktail.

30min ago  · 

Christiane likes Pyronale.

30min ago  · 

Sandra likes History.

34min ago  · 

Ilka likes Valletta.

34min ago  · 

Sema likes Italian language.

38min ago  · 

Jeamie likes Sunset.

38min ago  · 

Jeamie wants to visit a concert of Katy Perry.

38min ago  · 

Luzia likes Champagne.

42min ago  · 

Pia likes Ramen.

42min ago  · 

Veroni likes Baguette.

45min ago  · 

Annina is at Wikipedia right now.

46min ago  · 

Tilo owns Cheese.

46min ago  · 

Swenja likes Squirrel.

49min ago  · 

Annemaria wants to go to Einstein Kaffee with someone.

50min ago  · 

Sarah likes Underwater diving.

54min  · 

Renate likes Android.

54min ago  · 

Renate is searching someone for Instagram.

54min ago  · 

Fritzi likes Climbing.

57min ago  · 

Martina likes Tennis.

58min ago  · 

Annalene likes Samsung.

1h ago  · 

Why LoveTap? ANNE

“Find somebody near my place and go out together spontanousely!„