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Britta likes Netflix.

12s ago  · 

Britta wants to go to Balzac Coffee Company with someone.

13s ago  · 

Friederike likes Saarbrücken.

13s ago  · 

Friederike searches someone for Kickboxing.

14s ago  · 

Imke wants to go to Einstein Kaffee with someone.

4min ago  · 

Cilly is at Dunkin’ Donuts right now.

4min ago  · 

Micha is playing Until Dawn right now.

4min ago  · 

Sybill likes YouTube.

8min  · 

Flora likes Emma Stone.

19min ago  · 

Krista likes Watch a movie.

20min  · 

Krista wants to visit a concert of Justin Bieber.

20min  · 

Paulina likes Ham.

24min  · 

Julian is eating Maccaroni with cheese right now.

24min ago  · 

Annica likes Grand Theft Auto V.

27min ago  · 

Tania likes Schawarma.

28min  · 

Madleine likes Dishonored 2.

31min ago  · 

Pamela likes Pizza.

32min  · 

Fr wants to have Pig.

32min ago  · 

Catarina likes Horror movies.

36min  · 

Catarina wants to go to Hans im Glück with someone.

36min ago  · 

Dore likes Tiësto.

36min ago  · 

Michaele likes The Bachelor.

40min  · 

Christl likes Plum.

40min  · 

Myrta likes Vienna.

44min  · 

Myrta is at San Francisco Coffee Company right now.

44min ago  · 

Marie likes Copenhagen.

48min  · 

Maya wants to go to San Francisco Coffee Company with someone.

48min ago  · 

Riana likes Scarlett Johannson.

48min ago  · 

Riana wants to go to Dunkin’ Donuts with someone.

48min ago  · 

Why LoveTap? ANNE

“Find somebody near my place and go out together spontanousely!„